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    Our goal at MSD is for your child to be a happy, self-motivated learner with a positive self image. Dr. Maria Montessori observed certain tendencies in children that are important to their natural development. These observations form the basis of our program at MSD. Children’s innate need for order, learning through their senses and working at their own pace will be fostered at MSD. We use beautiful materials developed by Dr. Montessori to aid children in their discovery of our world.

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    Dr. Montessori noticed universal characteristics among children and sought to create a system of education that responded to how children naturally are. In our classrooms, children’s natural tendencies and needs are nurtured and understood. Unlike traditional models of education, where children are expected to adapt and change to fit the system, Montessori education changes to fit the child. Children learn the basics, as well as valuable social and life skills in our classrooms. Please visit our Curriculum pages to learn more. Or, call us to schedule an observation and see firsthand how Montessori education is different.

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    We understand that working parents need care beyond normal school hours. Our before- and after-care program is top quality, done with our regular staff in the Montessori spirit. Children are independent in choosing what they would like to do from an array of educational toys, puzzles and games. Weather permitting, lots of time is spent outdoors. We do not offer drop-in care, but we do make it possible for you to tailor your child’s schedule to your individual needs with morning and afternoon options, billed hourly. Please see our Tuition and Fees page for more information.

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Learning how to work with others is something that elementary children spend a considerable amount of time learning to do.  How to collaborate with others in a productive way requires a lot of give and take.  In the beginning it isn’t easy for them to compromise.  Over time they start to realize that working with others … Read More

Montessori At Home


It’s easy to set up your child to be independent at home. Choose a few low drawers for your child’s things.  Perhaps you could clear out half of the sideboard for toys and art supplies? With a bit of planning, your child can be as self-directed at home as they are at school. This is achieved through creating … Read More

Tailor-made Education


One of the things parents say they like most about Montessori education is how it’s centered on the individual child, that each child is receiving lessons that are perfectly suited to  where they are academically, socially and developmentally.  As a Montessori teacher, it’s impossible to imagine giving a lesson that’s appropriate and challenging to thirty … Read More