For over 30 years, Montessori School of Duluth has provided exceptional preschool, kindergarten, and elementary education to children in Minnesota's Twin Ports area, beginning at age 3.

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    Our goal at Montessori School of Duluth is for your child to be a happy, self-motivated learner with a positive self image. MSD features:

    • A home-like environment with child-sized furnishings
    • Low teacher-to-student ratio
    • Age-appropriate educational focus in our preschool including social and life skills, with ample play time
    • Academic rigorousness in our elementary
    • Children work at their own pace, even beyond their grade level
    • Welcoming to families of diverse backgrounds
    • Sustainability focus including solar panels, rain gardens, recycling, and composting
    • Catered lunch program featuring organic, locally sourced, healthy meals
    • Convenient before- and after-school care


    Please phone us for our info package and to request a school visit. Parents of infants/toddlers are encouraged to research Montessori now, so when your children are ready for preschool — at about 3 years of age — there will be a place for them.

  • Quality Education

    Dr. Maria Montessori observed universal tendencies in children that are important to their development, and created a system of education that responds to how children naturally are.

    At Montessori School of Duluth, children learn valuable educational, social, and life skills. At the same time, children’s innate need for order, learning through their senses, and working at their own pace are fostered. Unlike traditional models of education, where children are expected to adapt and change to fit the system, Montessori education changes to fit the child. In this way, we use the materials developed by Dr. Montessori to aid children in their discovery of our world.

    Our head teachers all have college degrees and AMI certification, and several have master’s degrees. MSD also invests in continuing education for its teachers, as a part of its commitment to quality education for its students.

    Call us now to schedule an observation and see firsthand how Montessori education is different!

  • Successful Students

    Reports received from parents and teachers throughout our 30+ years are that our graduates excel in junior high and enjoy the new challenges in senior high. Four of our alumns have been recognized by the National Merit Scholarship as Finalists, and eleven are National Merit Semifinalists or Commended Scholars.

    Graduates of Montessori School of Duluth have attended more than fifty colleges and various prestigious graduate schools. They often travel and live abroad. Many have families now and build their careers in business, science areas, education, journalism, human services, and the arts. They often maintain friendships started at Montessori School of Duluth!

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Why Mixed-Age Classrooms?

You have to know something very well before you can teach it to someone.  Having mixed ages in each classroom at Montessori School of Duluth allows the older children to become mentors to the younger ones.  When they show a younger child how to do something, it helps solidify the older child’s knowledge.  The older … Read More

Why 5 days?

“Often we are asked why Montessori schools almost always ask children from age three to attend five-days a week. The answer is that young children thrive on consistency, and only regular attendance provide both the continuity that they need and helps to create the culture of empowerment and order that defines a true community of … Read More

Greenspace Redesign

Our school’s greenspaces and parking lot have been completely redesigned with the help of a generous Enbridge Ecofootprint Grant. MSD has had a longstanding goal to transform our property into a more natural environment and to, more than ever, bring the Montessori learning environment outside. That goal was made a reality with a grant of … Read More