self-directed work is Montessori educationMontessori School of Duluth is named after the famed Italian educator, Dr. Maria Montessori (1880-1952), who, one hundred years ago, discovered the sensitive periods of learning in preschool and elementary children and developed a method of education based on mixing ages, collaborative learning, specialized teacher training, and very specially designed educational materials.

Montessori education is a world-wide movement, as well as the most popular alternative education in the United States. It is based on the belief that learning results from the hands and the mind working together. The interest of the child is the touchstone of self-motivated, lifelong learning. Age 3 is the optimum time to begin this method.

The Montessori teachers in our Children’s House and elementary have diplomas from Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and fully implement the Montessori philosophy.

A Montessori classroom has child-sized furnishings, attractively arranged materials for independent work, carefully sequenced activities for math, science, and language, and lots of area for work on the floor. Children move around and converse as they work together.

Sometimes the children work alone, sometimes in small groups. Teachers give presentations to individuals as they are needed. Many and varied outlets for creative expression and sharing of each child’s interests are provided.

Classroom teachers also prepare musically centered celebrations with families during the year. Music, recreation, and art are integrated into the week’s activities. The school emphasizes international understanding and cultural sharing, as well.

The outdoor school grounds are used extensively, with equipment for different ages and areas for nature study, agriculture, summer forts, and more.

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