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New Play Equipment

A generous $30,000 gift from Drs. Arnoldo and Neva Hax purchased play equipment for the school’s new outdoor educational and play environments. Climbers, spinners, and a new sandbox combine with natural wood play structures to make MSD’s grounds a seamless extension of Montessori learning for all our students. The Vista Fleet also contributed $3,500 for … Read More

Solar Panels

If you look at the school from the south side, you’ll see rows of solar panels gracing its roof. These were installed courtesy of RREAL (Rural Renewable Energy Alliance), and made possible by a contribution of $9,750 from Minnesota Power. Paul Helstrom from Minnesota Power also came into to the school teach our students about … Read More

Greenspace Redesign

Our school’s greenspaces and parking lot have been completely redesigned with the help of a generous Enbridge Ecofootprint Grant. MSD has had a longstanding goal to transform our property into a more natural environment and to, more than ever, bring the Montessori learning environment outside. That goal was made a reality with a grant of … Read More

Why 5 days?

“Often we are asked why Montessori schools almost always ask children from age three to attend five-days a week. The answer is that young children thrive on consistency, and only regular attendance provide both the continuity that they need and helps to create the culture of empowerment and order that defines a true community of … Read More

Why Mixed-Age Classrooms?

You have to know something very well before you can teach it to someone.  Having mixed ages in each classroom at Montessori School of Duluth allows the older children to become mentors to the younger ones.  When they show a younger child how to do something, it helps solidify the older child’s knowledge.  The older … Read More

Congdon Neighbors Article

Montessori School of Duluth was recently featured on a 2-page spread in Congdon Neighbors. Take a look at the full article!

The Park Point Hike

The school year at Montessori School of Duluth ends with an all-day outing at Minnesota Point for the elementary and kindergarten students. This is a unique native pine forest on beach dunes, with rare dune grasses and wildlife habitat on the longest freshwater sandbar in the world. Ruins of the historic lighthouse mark the lunch … Read More

Green Spaces Make Kids Smarter

Why is it that Montessori School of Duluth takes such pride in being in a quiet residential area with lots of greenspace? Here’s one reason … green spaces make kids smarter. It’s true! The Atlantic recently reported on a study that found “vegetation around schools cuts down on air pollution and boosts memory and attention.” … Read More


What value does gardening have to the elementary child?  It’s an experience that helps them to build the classroom community.  Working alongside their peers toward a common goal does wonders for the culture of the class.  It also gives them the chance to mingle in a casual way.  A garden’s elemental atmosphere connects children to … Read More

A Need For Order

Maria Montessori built her style of education on her observations of children and on what she called the human tendencies.  People had an internal drive to explore, work and imagine things that didn’t exist and then build them.  The also had a need for order.  She imagined the hunter-gatherers remembering where the delicious berries were, … Read More

Going Out

There is only so much you can learn within the four walls of a classroom.  For this reason, Montessori elementary learning takes place both inside and outside of class.   For example, imagine a group of elementary children who have been working on a class newspaper.  They researched newspapers and the history of print medial and … Read More