Elementary School PhotoDr. Montessori noticed that Elementary-aged children are never more engaged than when listening to stories. The Montessori curriculum’s foundation is in the Great Lessons, which are stories designed to open a vastness in the child’s mind and get them thinking about the universe and the earth as our home, the beginning of life, human beings, communication and numbers. Beginning with this vastness harnesses the children’s natural curiosity to understand their own place in the complex and rich history of time.

Along with the power of stories, Dr. Montessori also noticed the intense social nature of elementary children.

For this reason, lessons are given in small groups and children tend to work on projects together. A great deal of social problem solving, diplomacy and respect is learned everyday by children in the elementary as they work together.

Children in the elementary receive lessons in mathematics, language, geometry, history, zoology and botany. They also learn about art, history and earth science and participate in PE.

To learn more about the Elementary curriculum, please download our Welcome Letter with a description of the program, or contact us and schedule a classroom observation at Montessori School of Duluth.