Doing Montessori Work

The Children’s House (a Montessori learning environment for ages 3 to 6) was designed by Dr. Montessori to follow children’s natural development. Progress is not pushed or determined by the teacher, but rather follows the child’s interest. The Montessori Children’s House is composed of four core areas.

Practical Life

These are hands-on, everyday activities like polishing, washing and scrubbing that help children develop the ability to concentrate.


“The keys to the world.” Materials that allow children to explore the qualities of our physical world: shapes, colors, textures, sounds, tastes and so on.


Language is everywhere in the Primary classroom. With the guidance of their teacher, children progress individually based on their own interest, from oral language to symbolic language. Writing happens first and then reading.


In keeping with the hands-on approach, children are given a concrete impression of numbers and quantities through materials that represent the decimal system. Counting happens first, then simple to complex operations as the child’s interest allows.

To learn more about the Primary curriculum, please contact us and schedule a classroom observation at Montessori School of Duluth.